Radio Controlled Helicopter

Have you ever thought of gifting your child with a gift that amazes and entertains as well? There may be enough of dolls, action figures and kitchen sets. There may also be many of new computer games and gaming consoles that may have kept your kids pinned to their seats. Have you thought of gifting your kid with a cool radio-controlled helicopter? If not, then it is one of the smartest ideas for a really special gift. A radio-controlled helicopter will make your kids active to have fun with the chopper. And Syma S107G is one of the best helicopter toys in recent times.

The Product Features
In a basic sense, most radio-controlled toys don’t have anything worth talking about. But Syma, which is a trusted name in toys and gadgets, will surely bring something new to the table. For instance, this smart and nifty helicopter is one, which can fly in any direction you want. This means that when you operate your radio controls, you can fly the helicopter in upwards, downwards, sideways, right and left directions. You can also use the radio-controlled helicopter to fly diagonally in different directions as well. Syma has added some versatility in this product.

Alignment Controls
The radio control set available with the Syma S107G R/C Helicopter is one that comes with some great controls to watch out for. There is an essential alignment control that will allow the user to adjust the alignment of the helicopter so that it flies in the right direction as well. Also, there are some other control panels on the radio set that indicate the battery power and lights of the helicopter. These end up useful in making sure that the helicopter can fly easily through the rooms and corners of the house. Therefore, it ends up being a solid and useful tool in controlling this fast chopper.

The Flight Range And Battery Power
The flight range of a radio-controlled helicopter is something that makes a wide difference. One is that the flight range should not be too low and it should not be too high for the people as well. The Syma S107GR/C comes with a suitable flight range of 30 feet. This is rather cool for large and spacious rooms. Using the radio controls, you will be able to monitor the helicopter and have a huge amount of fun with the radio-controlled chopper. It will be fun for your kids to a great extent.

The Pros
There are several cool benefits of buying the Syma Radio-Controlled helicopter. One is that its controls are really smooth and functional. Using the handy radio-control set, you will be able to guide and glide your little chopper wherever you wish to. Also, the battery power is quite impressive. A charge of half-an-hour will let you fly for half an hour as well. The entire toy is made of good quality and strong material and it is not easily damaged even in those sudden crashes and collisions. The Syma Radio-controlled Chopper will give hours of pleasure for your kids in your house.

The Cons
The problems with the Syma chopper are mainly about how limited it is in its approach. Sure, the controls work great. But everyone could have loved it if the chopper was an outdoor flyer as well. Rather, we are given a helicopter that is good only for flying indoors. On the other hand, the helicopter has some issues with the alignment set. The alignment controls have some glitches and sometimes it does not work as well. There are some other minor niggles but none of them are too serious to change your mind about this product.

The Final Word
The Syma radio-controlled helicopter may not be a bad product. It is essentially a product that has some small flaws. The controls can be a bit messy and it could also ruin the alignment of this smart helicopter in flight. Also, when it is possible to make it an outdoor accessory, the makers have opted safely to make it only an indoor toy. However, there is no denying that this machine really flies quite smoothly, it looks smart and it is quite strong. It is in any case a very smart toy for kids of today’s times.