Syma Helicopter

The S107 Syma Helicopter is a Great Choice for an Indoor Helicopter Toy

The S107 Syma helicopter is one of the hottest toys to take a look for hobbyists. This top helicopter features a bright red design and a brilliant series of blades used to make it fly around with ease. It is one of the most attractive toys to find today but it is not without some faults involved with how it is made and how it can be controlled and landed.

The S107 Syma helicopter is about seven and a half inches long and is able to fly with an easy to handle remote control. This control uses three channels for controlling the helicopters based on going forward or backward, going to the sides and going up or down.

This product works well because it is capable of flying with a good range. It uses a range of about thirty feet from the antenna that the helicopter is being used in. This makes it effective for all sorts of indoor flying activities.

It is very easy to control and can move around with ease thanks to the well-made controller. In fact, the design of the helicopter is made to where it can take in some modifications. A good example would be to get rid of the nose and replace it with a nut or other small kind of weight to create a little more forward momentum. This is often used to create a more realistic control pattern while also giving it the ability to move forward with greater ease.

The product is also very easy to handle even if a person has never used a helicopter before. It does not involve too many issues because the infrared frequencies handled by the controller are capable of working well in any kind of space. There should not be any interference problems involved here.

The rotors here are made to be flexible. They use hinges instead of rigid materials. This makes it easier for a blade to withstand any kind of impact in the event that it ends up moving into a wall or other item. The blades are not as likely to break off as with some other models that use stiff designs.

The charging features on the Syma helicopter are very convenient. The helicopter can work for about five to ten minutes on a single charge. The charging process can work with a USB cable or with a wire that is right off of the remote. It takes about forty-five minutes to get the charging process handled. These are useful but it is actually better to use the USB cable to charge it so the batteries in the remote will not easily wear out.

There are some issues over how some turbulence might occur as a result of flying close to the ground. The range on the helicopter makes it useful for many indoor flying options but at the same time it might involve turbulence from the lack of space for the blades to move in as the spot for flying is closer to the ground.

The control system may also be hard to handle in the event that something is in the way. The infrared design of the connection is made to where there is a good risk involved with the signal being lost if something is in the way between the controller and the helicopter.

The plastic nubs used for the upper rotor do help to keep the helicopter intact. However, they are relatively fragile and might be tough to handle. It is true that replacement parts are easily available but it will still be helpful to be very careful when trying to control the helicopter.

One notable issue about the S107 Syma helicopter is the way how the bottom of the helicopter might be hard to handle in some cases. There is a potential for the helicopter’s bottom to easily curve and wear out, thus making it hard to get the helicopter landed without risking a crash in the process.

Overall, the S107 Syma helicopter is a relatively useful product that makes it easier for anyone to do more with a quality helicopter for indoor use. It makes for a popular option to find because it involves some interesting ways for anyone to move the helicopter around for all sorts of purposes.