Syma S107

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Flying has been your hobby since you were little and now that you are old does not mean you are denied the opportunity to have fun doing it. With Syma S107 you can experience the crazy moments again when you sit in the house and remotely control the toy helicopter. This type has been modified to be excellent in its working condition and continues to be improved for more elegant features. This version has seen acceptance among the young and old. So long as you have a spacious room, you can set up this machine for flying sessions. Latest version of 2010 is fully equipped with infra red receiver and is made of aluminium frame with detailed canopy. Looks like a real machine and is good for both children ad adults. It is light weight and moves in 3 dimension based on the channel modification. It is almost indestructible and does not crash easily. It can fly for 5-8 minutes and in 6 different directions.

It comes with more specifications and will stand stable hovering in air when you are not moving forward and backward awaiting your command. Has a feature which makes it work out this mystery and that is the double rotors. The rotors are stack together on top of each other and spin in opposite direction to each other. This way they are able to resist the torque pressure resulting from either of the rotors. A gyroscopic effect is developed and the machine becomes more stable. It can rotate clockwise/anticlockwise, move forward and backwards, up and down. The miniature size design is 19 cm long, weighs 34 grams and this is ideal for indoor flying. Controlled by high precision speed remote and is chargeable using an USB cable. The light weight is due to material making it which is an alloy metal. It comes also in different colors such as re blue yellow for the different aesthetic properties. There are three primary parts in the controller.

Two control knob stick and knob located at the center. These allow you to lean either side when sending up and down the helicopter. Right control stick makes you to bend forward, or turn right and even left. The knob at the center can be turned left and also right to cancel the subtle while constant turning tendencies if the Chopper always being to be turning less on the right, for example, the bump the knob on the center knob on the left side to compensate.

The improvement in technology makes it easy to control this toy, that is, by use of the infra red. This way it attains the high efficiency of driving and motor surge. Syma S107 is being modified in some features such as change of rear rotors for a faster forward and reverse movement. They are using picooz tail rotor blade which is a new invention in the industry and is working great as this has been proved already. The controllers are also being modified to make it easy run the machine without much hanging due to power flow within the system. They are using variable resister on the right side at the bottom of the joystick mounted to center/adjust the forward/reverse action. When you find the modification not working properly you can always turn to the old mode only that you will have slower function machine and might ruin the whole experience. More time is being spent and devoted to make this machine work in the best mode that is possible and every invention they are publishing the S107 website.

When you want to buy genuine products of this company, there are commercial websites with their title and logo on it. Do not be duped to by other products online if the website is not authenticated. The pricing is fair and comes packed with it controls so don’t buy the set separately. Anytime you go shopping for the machine make sure to get the original product and not fabrications. When the kids are in the house and need to learn about flying buy this machine. It is a great way to introduce the essentail parts in aerodynamics and physics. It is a wallet friendly helicopter and won’t leave you disappointed. Additionally it is an insanely much simple to fly product.